IRLP Use Guidelines

  • Unless it becomes necessary, due to system abuse, the IRLP node will be available for any licensed amateur to use.
  • Under NO circumstances are you to discuss any access or use codes while on the air. 
  • If you are interested in accessing IRLP and you are not familiar with the procedures please read the use guidelines provided here.  Should you need additional information please e-mail

Skytop at the Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY

  • When you want to use IRLP to make a connection you are asked to:
  • Check to insure the frequency is clear by monitoring the repeater.
  • Identify yourself, by stating your call, followed by "IRLP".  Example: K2MTB, IRLP.
  • Drop the repeater and pause for 5 seconds. This allows other users on the frequency to make a priority or emergency contact prior to you connecting to IRLP.
  • Hearing nothing, you may then enter the proper codes and connect to IRLP.